Ironstone Boarding Kennels

Our boarding kennels for dogs consist of large indoor-outdoor runs surrounded by grass and brick courtyard. Dogs are able to go in and out of their kennel at will, and at times, they will be let outside of their outdoor run into the fenced in grass courtyard to run and play. Recently, new additions have been made to the kennels. A new roof was built over the outdoor runs to provide better shade during the hot summer months and respite from inclement weather such as rain and snow. 

In addition, Dr. Allen has opened up her personal dog kennels to Ironstone boarders. These kennels which previously housed her Neapolitan Mastiffs are located behind the clinic under shady trees. These spacious kennels accommodate even the largest of breeds. 

While staying with us, your pet will be provided with food, bowls, bedding, and expert care. Call us to schedule your pet's vacation at 610-367-6446.  

Pictured above is our enclosed grass courtyard where your pet can romp and play.  

Lambert Laying Down


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