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 Veterinarians at Ironstone


Sherilyn Allen, VMD, U of PA Vet 1974, founded Ironstone Veterinary Hospital in 1982. An equine practitioner for many years before establishing small animal veterinary hospitals in Lansdale, PA and then Boyertown, Dr. Allen also raised three children and engaged in breeding and showing of Neapolitan Mastiffs, and other dogs, horses, various farm animals species, and exotic birds, while managing and maintaining Ironstone Farm.

Now that her children are grown and gone, when Dr. Allen is not in the clinic consulting and treating patients with allopathic or holistic methods, or doing specialty surgeries on the Mastiff breed dogs, she can usually be found on the back of a horse.


Ironstone Hospital and Farm Staff (for best viewing put video in full screen)

Ironstone Hospital Staff

Theresa Eshbach- Technician/Office Manager

I have been a technician for over 15 years when I eagerly chose to make Ironstone Veterinary Hospital my home in 2004. I all enjoy all facets of this profession but I am truly passionate about dentistry and cold laser therapy. Working with a great team makes my job that much more enjoyable. When I am not at work I spend my free time taking my Doberman, Terra, for hikes, soaking up the sun or just snuggling on the sofa. 


Barbara Stiefel- Groomer/Technician

I have lived in the Boyertown area most of my life. I have worked at Ironstone as a tech and pet groomer since 1982. I raise Newfoundlands and have additional dogs, cats, and birds of my own.  


Mary Lloyd- Receptionist/Technician 

I have worked at Ironstone since June 2011. My favorite thing about working here is being able to see the horses. I live in Northwestern Berks County. I have a dog named Henry and a cat named Thistle. I enjoy cooking, knitting, reading, and hiking. 

Mary L.

Bria Smith- Technician/Livestock caretaker/Kennel Attendant 

I have worked at Ironstone since November 2017. I enjoy working with the goats and taking care of Lambert, Hera, Snowy, and all of our lovely boarders. I am currently a senior in high school but I plan on getting my bachelors degree in biology from King's college as well as play collegiate level soccer. Afterword I will be attending a vet school to become a veterinarian, my dream job. 


Theresa Reinert- Hospital Maintenance 

Theresa R.

Sharon Butler- Ironstone Buildings Maintenance 


Ironstone Farm/Kennel Staff

Chrissy Dubas- Horse and Livestock caretaker/Kennel Attendant

I have been at ironstone since 1989. I am often found anywhere on this vast farm tending horses, cattle, goats, dogs and clients' pets. I love helping animals and learning new things to do with medicine and treatments. At home I can be found tending more animals. I have horses, dogs, cats, goats and chickens. I love spending time with my family and my five grandchildren who all love animals. 


Juan Calle- Horse and Livestock caretaker/Landscaper

I have been at Ironstone since 2013. I manage the farm here which includes taking care of the horses, cows, and goats. I also do the landscaping and I do repairs on the buildings, fences, and grounds. 


Julio Lisboa- Livestock caretaker/Kennel Attendant

I have worked at Ironstone since 2015. I take care of the boarding cats and dogs as well as the cows, goats, and dogs here at Ironstone. I love working with the animals and the animals love me. 


Jhuniors Castillo- Horse and Livestock caretaker/Vet Tech./Kennel Attendant

Logan Vandeweghe- Horse and Livestock caretaker/Bookkeeper/Vet Tech./Kennel Attendant

I have worked at Ironstone since May 2017. I enjoy taking care of and working with the horses, cows and goats here at Ironstone. I am currently enrolled at Montgomery County Community College pursuing an Associates degree in Environmental Science. I plan on transferring to Millersville University to get a Bachelors Degree in Environmental Biology. 


Jacob English- Horse and Livestock caretaker/Kennel Attendant 


Blossom, our adorable though sleepy barn cat, loves to wave hello to all the families that come through Ironstone's door.  

Cow Heard


These are some pictures of the cows and goats that call Ironstone their home. They roam in the vast fields around the veterinary hospital.

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